We are a renovation, design & flooring store in London, ON.

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We are a renovation, design & flooring store in London, ON.

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Refined Flooring & Design Store, London Ontario

Welcome to Refined Flooring and Design, a premier flooring store, design and remodelling company.
We are a flooring store trusted by home and business owners in London, Ontario.
Servicing residential and commercial customers across all Ontario.


As London’s new best flooring store, Refined Flooring & Design proudly offers a wide selection of Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet and Tile flooring options for every style, décor, and design aesthetic. We offer dozens of premium flooring options from North America and European top flooring brands. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a more modern flair, our diverse range of quality flooring alternatives are sure to elevate and inspire.

At Refined Flooring & Design, we have one of the most complete and beautiful flooring collection available in London, Ontario. We are not shy to call our business the best place to start any residential or commercial flooring project. 

London's Best Flooring Contractor & Design Services

The high-quality flooring products that you select will only look good if their installation is done correctly.  With our professional expertise, you can feel assured that your flooring installation is handled in the most professional manner.

Our Ontario’s expert installers understand the challenges of installing all types of floors, from the initial removal of your old flooring and quarter round across the room, preparing the door jams, checking the existing flooring grade in the room, and understanding how multiple environmental factors can affect different types of flooring alternatives. 

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Everything we do at Refined Flooring & Design is thought to help you take the guess-work out of selecting the right flooring product for your project.

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